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Driven by a strong heritage of excellence, our goal is to create meaningful solutions for clients through proven services and expert employees. We do this by working side-by-side with you and your company, laying the groundwork for a successful outcome and meeting your project goals.


Zimmermann Company stands on a rich history of strong family leadership and innovation that has kept us constantly moving forward in an industry where commoditizing products and inconsistent price structures have become common practice. We set ourselves apart by not just offering services, but also personal service to all of our clients. Honesty and integrity is what you will find with Zimmermann Company. We invite you to take a look into the deep history of Zimmermann Company.


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Started as a bookseller and bindery shop (E.F.W. Zimmermann Bookseller and Binder) by Edward Fredrick William (EFW) Zimmermann originally located at 815-817 New York Ave. in Sheboygan, WI.


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The company eventually grew to include printing and was taken over by Edward's son, Egbert, in 1916.


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When Egbert died in 1920, his wife, Clara, and brother, Gerhard, took over the company's operations.
Gerhard is pictured above.


At the onset of Gerhard's tenure, he was a teacher at Milwaukee Technical College (now the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee). For about a year, he took the train daily from Milwaukee to Sheboygan to help Clara run the business. Gerhard ultimately left teaching and bought the company from Clara in 1921.


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Gerhard incorporated Zimmermann Printing Company.


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The company moved from its New York Ave location to a new building at 708 Niagara Avenue. The building was 100 feet long and 77 feet wide and was decorated with a buff colored glaze tile. The company had nine employees at the time.


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Richard Zimmermann joins Zimmermann Printing Company.


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Zimmermann Printing Company purchases its first offset press.


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Upon his death in 1962, Gerhard's son, Richard, becomes president
and sole owner of Zimmermann Printing Company.


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Zimmermann Printing Company moves to its present location at 3418 Washington Avenue. The company continues to prosper and runs single, two-color and four-color work on its single color Miehle presses.


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Richard's son, David, joins the company.


The Company runs all multi-color work on its single color presses until 1984 when the company purchases its first two-color Roland 40" press.


The Company adds a second Roland 40" two color press.

Additional bindery equipment for folding and saddle binding is added.


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A 15,000 square foot addition is added to the plant for 45,000 total square feet.


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The company has expanded considerably since its beginning. Besides enlarging its quarters over the years, in 1992, Zimmermann Printing Company purchases Schroeder Printing Company (founded in 1883), which is located in Cedarburg.

The company continues to run more four and six color work on its two color presses, thus a six color Heidelberg 40" press is added to allow the company to be more efficient at this work.


Electronic prepress is added allowing the Company to perform all high end scanning and produce punched plate ready films in house.

After a long development cycle, a new logo is unveiled.


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First high-end color digital printing press added.

First job run is a variable data job with mailing.


High-speed black and white digital press is added with in-line binding capabilities.


In an effort to continually move the company forward with technology, web ordering capabilities are added to make ordering print services from Zimmermann Printing Company more convenient for clients.


Microsite development and other cross-media capabilities added.


Automated mail insertion equipment added to expand mailing capabilities.

To further expand client marketing efforts, Zimmermann adds image personalization, which combines data and imagery to produce unique and compelling personalized images. This technique is linked to higher return on invesetment when coupled with direct mail and email marketing.


2013 Logo

Zimmermann Printing Company becomes Zimmermann Company, shifting focus to other less known services while preserving its status as an offset printer.

Zimmermann Company partners with Pixelfire Studio to offer design services that cover both print and the web, thus expanding the company's ability to service all aspects of client's marketing efforts.

Zimmermann Company adds large format printing to its list of services, combining a century of expert printing experience and the latest in large format printing technology. Zimmermann Company is now capable of printing on nearly any surface.

Added an iGen 4 digital press to our lineup, replacing our iGen 3.


Esko digital cutter added to large format capabilities.
Cuts flexible and rigid material into any shape.


Exterior building facade refreshed and logo sign updated to new identity. The sign uses modern LED lights and is energy efficient. The sign also uses a light sensor to keep it lit only when conditions are dark enough.


Large format folder with presser/stacker added. Increased productivity and better quality to downstream operations.

Installed new 40" Heidelberg press with coater to expand in-house print capabilities and better accommodate an increased volume of work. The press allows for advanced color and ink controls and improved quality and consistency, giving Zimmermann more options to offer clients.

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